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Intellectual Property Rights Cell

NID strives to encourage, creativity and innovation, which in turn leads to generation of intellectual property. Protection of Intellectual Property (IP) so generated is necessary to provide security, stimulation and incentives for sustained and enhanced output. Moreover, in the context of ever shortening product lifecycles and product differentiation and a market driven by vagaries, it is becoming more and more essential to manage Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) effectively.

In 1999 the IPR Cell was first established as an entity with a clear mandate of facilitating and guiding students and others in the various aspects and issues in the field of IPR. The IPR cell at NID has organized many workshops, sensitization programmes, seminars, besides getting IP registrations done. The IPR Cell at NID is constantly striving towards strengthening linkages with likeminded organizations to leverage its registered designs further. NID has been one of the few Educational Institutions in the country to formulate IPR guidelines.