Research & Publications

  • Design Education in India: Introspection, Retrospection, And Perception

    By I.S. Mathur

    The identity of this book edited by the late I.S. Mathur is established by its leitmotif—training the teachers of design or educating the design educators. This book is divided into three major sections—‘Retrospection’, ‘Introspection’, and ‘Perception’. A mélange of thoughts, experiences, and anecdotes expressed by alumni, faculty both former and present, and artists—this book touches upon poignant issues which can influence the spread of design education across design schools/institutions in India.

  • Young Designers 2014 (out of stock)


    An annual publication, Young Designers, contains the synopses of diploma projects carried out by final year students of NID. These projects reflect upon diverse sectors: crafts, education, environmental concerns, entertainment industry, healthcare, heritage and culture, public amenities, social concerns, the stock market, and retail. This publication shows how students intermesh theoretical knowledge and practical experience in their capacity as professional designers. Each publication in this series reveals the students’ renewed sense of awareness about design.

  • 50 Years Of The National Institute Of Design: 1961-2011


    Through a few hundred pages, this publication has captured fifty years in the life of the National Institute of Design (NID). Through the medium of text and images, this book describes the educational ethos of the National Institute of Design, its design philosophy, and design practices that have so remarkably evolved, making NID a name to reckon with today. This commemorative book is a celebration of the pioneering efforts of the National Institute of Design in imparting design education, while simultaneously initiating the Indian design journey.

  • Failed Roman!

    By H. Kumar Vyas and Dhruva Rao

    Today, the English language has become the most prominent linguistic medium of international communication. A majority of those who speak and write in English are unaware of the difficulties that arise when specific sounds from the Indian phonetic system get transliterated into the Roman script in which English is written. The book informs readers about the typical failures that occur in transliteration and encourages them to think of possible remedies. The book has been designed keeping in mind those who are able to speak, read, and write more than one language-English, being one of them.

  • When Jewellery Speaks: Celebrating The Tradition Of Kundan Minakaari

    By Shimul Mehta Vyas

    This book informs readers about the Mughals’ deeply cherished admiration for the arts. It explores the history of enamelling traditions across continents, before focusing on the enamelling traditions of India. Vivid photographs and sketches enhance the narrative. This book describes the making of kundan minakaari jewellery and the role of the artisan in the same. This book traverses through time and captures the past, present, and future of kundan minakaari jewellery—its legacy, its tradition, and its making.

  • The Trellis (Vol. 2, Issue 8)


    The Trellis, is a research-centric publication that seeks to encourage and support research initiatives in design. Each issue of this publication highlights the importance of research in the academic endeavours in the study of design. The Trellis touches upon diverse dimensions of design philosophy and design pedagogy through contributions from the community, mainly comprising faculty and students from NID.