It’s Chitrakatha’17 time. We again dare to moo from her COWshed after completing a raving 5th edition in October 2015! Money was always invisible for us. But we had a blast and it was another positive signal that we are not out even though we were down at times. This continuous journey in search of ‘our stories and their stories’ only became possible because of many friends and well wishers from far and near. Hence once again my gratitude to them though initially every edition was always an impossible task considering the 9 to 5 mindset which at times posed a threat to upset our COW. It’s only because of the commitment and positive spirit of many young Turks and old cowboys and girls that Chitrakatha is singing freedom song for the last ten years. Today we need you to save our stories and our soul. So I sincerely urge you to come together and help generously whatever possible ways (cash or kind) to make the 6th edition another grand success.

All because of building a beautiful ecosystem of visual narratives culture across India, from pre-primary to onwards journey of life!!!

Sekhar Mukherjee

Festival Director- Chitrakatha International Student Animation Festival

Mobile & WhatsApp: +919825612592, Skype: sekhar.mukherjee