Innovation Centre for Natural Fibre

Jute bags

The idea to explore jute and husk in accessories like wallets, bags, handbags, clutches involved the idea of upgrading the feel of material by combining it with other materials, especially leather and providing ease of function with clean detailing and less complication. The stiffness of material supported the idea and the trimming with leather provided smooth and clean finishing as well as multiplicity of opportunity to develop ranges.

Natural Dyeing

Natural dyes like Pomegranate peels, indigo, Iron extract, Myrabolan, Madder and alizarine have shown good affinity when dyed or printed on Jute or jute blended fabric and yarn The pictures show different approaches when using natural dyes to dye jute. It could be resist dyeing, or printing or selective dye absorption by different materials of the blend.

The jute yarn could be dyed with a set of natural dyes like Myrabolan, Alum, and pomegranate peels along with madder could give wide range of colours and varied depth and value.