Innovation Centre for Natural Fibre


Development of Children’s Products/Toys using Coir Fibres under sponsorship of Central Coir Research Institute, Coir Board, Govt. of India

Design and develop children’s products/toys using coir fibre as the main raw material so as to create a product system that will provide value addition as well as sustainable livelihood opportunities for the marginalized coir workers and an alternative sustainable eco-friendly material for products in the area.

Coir Toy and Game Products namely (1) Cocopoly Game (2) Fire Cracker Lighters (3) Christmas Decoration and (4) Coir Skin Lamp Shade developed by TGD-ICNF were presented to Director, R.D.T.E. and other officials at Central Coir Research Institute (CCRI), Kalavoor on 14th March 2016. It was viewed with great interest and appreciated by all the participants. The products along with their manufacturing process know-how were handed over to CCRI for technology transfer to the industry.