INSIGHT 2015, sets the stage for dialogues, conversations and discourses amongst design academic and professional practitioners and evangelists on the form and space of design research. The symposium will constitute sharing of knowledge and perceptions on design research culture, methodology, framework, practice, collaboration and its dissemination.
Design, conceived as a problem solving activity and profession has evolved into a strategic thought process currently influencing most domains of knowledge and practice. While knowledge domains related to arts, science, technology and management have a structured established framework for research, design by virtue of its nature and purpose has been evolving its approaches contextually.

‘Is design research a part of design process and manifests itself as synthesis leading to design intent? What constitutes design research as a profession? Is design research, research through design or for design?’

INSIGHT 2015 calls for abstracts of papers/posters on the following tracks from design
educators, researchers and practitioners.
Research in design education, pedagogy, curriculum, formulation of student exercises in skill/studio/project based courses, new program design, domain specific area of interest Communication design, Industrial design, Interaction & Information design, Service design, Human factors Architecture, Fashion and others.
Design Research in Academic Practice
Research led design practiced by design studios, design driven industry, importance of research phase in the design process for informed outcomes, design research as a professional practice.
Design Research in Professional Practice
Innovative tools & Techniques, future of design research, smart research, research & the web.
Innovations in Design Research Methods
Research in fields of humanities, sciences, technology supporting design solutions, cross-disciplinary teamwork in design research
Multi-disciplinary Research in Design
Interpretations of design research in various design domains, unique customized approaches vs generic models, visual representation of design research.
Contemporary Models of Design Research
Intuitive and subjective approaches, qualitative supported by quantitative
Designerly Research
The approaches, formats, syntax, semantics in writing research papers, credits, references and documentation, knowledge assimilation and its archival and retrieval.
Research Writing & Documentation
Call for abstract 14 July 2014
Abstract submission date(extended) 30 Sept 2014
Notification of acceptance 08 Oct 2014
Final paper/poster submission(extended) 28 Nov 2014
Notification of acceptance for paper/poster 15 Dec 2014
Symposium 23 & 24 Jan 2015