Neha Nandkumar Mandlik

Neha Nandkumar Mandlik


Discipline Faculty, Furniture & Interior Design

Neha is an Architect, Furniture & Interior Designer, Researcher & an Educator. She studied Architecture at her undergraduate level and is an alumna of the Furniture & Interior Design Programme at the National Institute of Design and did her Post Graduate Diploma Program (PGDPD) in 2010. Further she pursued Master of Research in Design (MRes) from the Royal College of Art, London, UK.

Neha is a Faculty at Furniture & Interior Design Discipline, she also teaches Exhibition Design & Interaction Design Disciplines at NID Ahmedabad & Bengaluru Campus. Prior to working at NID Ahmedabad she has been practicing as Industrial Designer and was also involved in design teaching across India. She has work experience of 12 + years in the field of design and has worked on designing and developing Office furniture at Wipro Furniture Business and FMGC products for Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting division, Bengaluru. She has been practicing as an Interior designer and has worked on commercial & residential projects in Pune.

She has taught previously at NID Bengaluru, NID Gandhinagar, NID Andhra Pradesh, NID Haryana, NIFT Jodhpur, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Anant University and Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College. She teaches Furniture Design, Design Research, Ergonomics, Space Design & Planning, Office & Retail Interior space design, Research Methodology, System Thinking & Design, Elements of form, Visual Narratives and Craft documentation.

Neha is a Thinker & Maker and believes research is the soul of the design process. Her courses and workshops are research-led and focus on hands-on explorations, experimenting. Her areas of interest are Design Research, Speculative design, Furniture Design, Affordance, Human Factors and Ergonomics of space, Future of Home & Work, Sustainable & Green spaces and Soft Robotics.