Director's Message

Dear friends,

The National Institute of Design (NID) has been witness to a momentous occasion; through an Act of Parliament, the NID Bill was passed and NID is now recognised as an Institute of National Importance. This is, in every way, a landmark achievement for the institute. This Bill was unanimously passed by the Rajya Sabha on July 7, 2014 and by the Lok Sabha on July 9, 2014. So far, India has 40 institutes that are recognised as Institutes of National Importance, of these, 36 are engineering institutes; NID is the 41st institute and also the only design institute to be conferred with this honour. This new status will help NID to turn the spotlight on Indian design practices and thoughts and give them their due recognition.

In June 2013, the DRPSCC (Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee of Commerce) visited the NID campuses at Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The Chairman of the Committee, Shri Shanta Kumar, MP interacted with the students, faculty and staff and saw the facilities and works of the students. Further to this, the Secretary, DIPP and I were invited for a meeting with the members in New Delhi for further discussions and clarifications. The DRPSCC also organised a separate meeting of all stakeholders in New Delhi.

Till now, NID was awarding only diplomas to its students, because of which they did face some difficulties while looking for jobs, applying for further studies abroad, or for research work. Now, with the latest recognition it has received from the central government, NID will be able to award degrees and PhDs to its students. Students and alumni of this institute have always been contributing to society through various design initiatives, and the status of Institute of National Importance will further bolster and invigorate their initiatives and help them contribute to overall national development. Indeed, this new recognition will certainly open up new opportunities for research and exploration for both students and faculty from NID.

The passing of this Bill has indeed come at a most opportune moment, thus asserting the role of NID and the importance of design across all sectors in the country. The institute will be a valuable avenue that facilitates interaction between the academia and industry. It will play an active role in design dissemination through publication of research papers, books, and monographs and visual media such as films. In 2014, NID was featured among the Top 30 design colleges of the world by Ranker. For NID, it is indeed an honour to facilitate opportunities of academic exchange with several leading design institutes in India and abroad. Social responsibility is integral to design. With sustainability, inclusive development, and women’s empowerment as the mantra, NID will continue to make concerted efforts to share its design expertise with neighboring countries. It is already engaged in design development initiatives across SAARC nations and those from Africa too.

NID was established in 1961, and recently, it celebrated its golden jubilee. For more than fifty years now, NID has been a witness to the socio-cultural, economic, and technological changes taking place within India and across the world in general. The passing of this Bill declaring NID as an Institute of National Importance is inspiration enough for the institute to renew its pledge for promoting multidisciplinary learning of design through its educational and training practices and research initiatives. NID will remain steadfast in its attempts to improve the quality of life and herald in renewed initiatives of co-creation.

NID has reached a pioneering position today. It is with utmost humility that I acknowledge the innumerable contributions made by members who held office in various governing councils of NID since its inception, the senior faculty and staff members of the institute, and the enthusiastic batches of students who have all strived to make this institute what it is today. Indeed, it is with the wholehearted involvement of these four major stakeholders that the institute is held in such high esteem at both the national and international levels.

Pradyumna Vyas
Director, National Institute of Design



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