Director's Message

Dear friends,

It is indeed a landmark achievement for the National Institute of Design (NID) to be recognized as an Institute of National Importance. NID is the only design institution in India to be conferred this status. This has turned the spotlight on Indian design thoughts and practices awarding them due recognition. This status honours the contribution that NID has been making towards nation-building initiatives for more than five decades now, and this has resulted in a profusion of opportunities in design research and practice.

In 2018, NID was featured amongst the top educational institutions in India. It also finds mention amongst the ten best design colleges in the world. It is to NID’s credit that its students and alumni consistently win prestigious accolades for their excellent work thereby adding to their respective field of expertise.

NID’s design pedagogy is revealed through the mottos of ‘Hands on, Minds on’ and ‘Learning by Doing’. The projects done at NID as well as its educational practices provide a valuable platform that facilitates interaction between the academia and industry. NID’s education programme plays an active role in design dissemination through faculty and students’ work in the industry and society. NID Ahmedabad (with its extension campuses at Gandhinagar and Bengaluru) has been mentoring the new NIDs in their endeavours to provide value-based design education.

NID was established in 1961, and for fifty seven years now, NID has been a witness to the socio-cultural, geo-political, economic, and technological changes taking place within India and overseas. The credence of being an Institute of National Importance is inspiration enough for the institute to revitalize its prerogative for promoting multidisciplinary learning of design through its education, professional practice, and research initiatives. NID will remain steadfast in its attempts to improve the quality of life and herald in renewed initiatives of co-creation and sustainable livelihoods.

Currently, NID has 95 Memoranda of Understanding with the best art and design schools in the world and the institute regularly holds exchange initiatives for students and faculty. It is indeed an honour to facilitate opportunities of academic exchange with several leading design institutes in India and abroad. Social responsibility is integral to design. With sustainability, inclusive development, and empowerment of the underprivileged as its prime concern, NID will continue to make concerted efforts to share its design expertise with neighbouring countries. NID is already engaged in several such initiatives across SAARC nations and those from Africa too.

NID has reached a pioneering position today. It is with utmost humility that I acknowledge the innumerable contributions made by members who held office in various governing councils of NID since its inception, the faculty, and staff members of the institute and the enthusiastic batches of students who have all strived to make this institute what it is today. Indeed, it is with the wholehearted involvement of all stakeholders that the institute is held in such high esteem at both national and international levels.

Vijai Singh Katiyar
Officiating Director, National Institute of Design



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