Dr. Aneesha Sharma

Aneesha Sharma has more than fifteen years of experience in Professional Design Industry and she is deeply interested in Design Education and Creativity Research. Aneesha received her PhD in Design from IDC, IIT-Bombay on “Phenomenon of Letting go in Visual Arts and Design: An exploration into self-transformative creative experiences”, where she looked at deep transcending experiences of A-ha moment of Artists and Designers during their creative process. Aneesha did her Masters in Visual Communication from Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT-Bombay, and Bachelors in Applied Arts from Sir J. J. School of Applied Arts, Mumbai, India.

At present, Aneesha teaches at NID in the discipline of Information Design where she teaches Narrative visualization, Big Data visualization, and Systems Design. Prior to joining NID, Aneesha has taught at Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology and Symbiosis Institute of Design. Aneesha has deep interest in Design pedagogy and she has coordinated the conception and execution of new disciplines and also developed curriculum at Institute level.

Apart from Design Education, Aneesha’s research interests include Creativity and Creative Experiences, Phenomenology, Experience, Consciousness, Art and Design, Cognition and Neurosciences. She has published papers in the area of deep self-transformative creative experiences that she has termed ‘Phenomenon of Letting go’. Her current work involves investigation of creative experiences of Artists and Designers from the Neuroscience and Neuro-cognitive perspective. You can view her research work at http://www.lettinggo.in/

Aneesha has done several National and International projects in the area of Design. Her expertise in Design includes User Experience Design (UX) that consists of User Research, Interaction Design, Usability & Visual Design, Strategic Branding and Print & Publication Design.

Aneesha is also the Adjunct Faculty at National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore in the Consciousness Studies Program where she looks at First person Artistic Experience, Self-transformative creative experiences (A-ha experiences), Self and Agency in creative Art making.



  • Co-coordinator, Information Design