Dhiman Sengupta

Dhiman Sengupta graduated from NID in 1999; he
was a student of Animation Film Design. He worked
in Mumbai and Delhi, for a decade in the areas of
e-learning, broadcast and motion graphics, and visual
effects. Since 2009, Dhiman has been a faculty at NID
in the Animation Film Design discipline.
He conducts courses in Basic Animation, Film Title
Sequence Design, Kinetics, Motion Typography, Music
Appreciation, Sound Design and Visual Scripting, and
conducts a Comic Book Workshop. He is also a member
of NID’s Website and IT Integration committees.
Dhiman was invited to speak on the subject of Animation
Sound Design at Anifest 2011 that was hosted by the
Animation Society of India in Mumbai. He is a voracious
reader, a prolific writer, an artist, and illustrator. Besides
this, he is also a film enthusiast, a musician (he plays
the guitar and the piano), a composer, and a singer.
Currently, Dhiman is working on a short animation film.

dhiman_s[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Discipline Lead, Animation Film Design
  • Member, Admission Cell