Dr. Gayatri Menon

Dr. Gayatri Menon studied Product Design at NID, prior to
which she completed her graduation in engineering.
She worked for two years in the field of creativity and
universal design for children. In 2001, Gayatri joined NID
as a faculty in the Industrial Design discipline.
Gayatri takes courses in Design Overview, Design
Methods, Colour and Form, Game Theory, Creativity
and Innovation, Material and Mechanism, Craft
Documentation, and Design Research Methods. She
guides students in the areas of Toy Design, Game design,
Design for Special Needs, and Systems Thinking and
Design. Gayatri has headed socially-relevant projects
in addition to working as a designer cum consultant
for various industrial and public sector initiatives,
and on ventures focusing on institution building and
sustaining crafts heritage. She has conducted several
workshops for industries in areas such as—Creativity,
Design Strategy and Opportunity Mapping in Design,
and Introduction to Design: Issues and Methods. Her
responsibilities also include looking into curriculum
development, student evaluations and admissions, and
interacting with the industry.
She has headed projects such as the Asian Paints Kids
Room project, UNIDO-sponsored design intervention
for capability development of Indian toy industry, and
design intervention possibilities for Madhya Pradesh
Craft Cluster project, and Geographical Indication for
the Kerala craft cluster. She has presented papers at
ICCP conference in Germany, ITRA conference in Greece,
MX design conference in Mexico, and DETM conference
at NID. Gayatri was elected as a board member of the
International Toy Research Association, (ITRA) in 2009.
She organised the National Design and Creativity camp
with the British Council for introducing design education
in schools, along with organising Toys for Children’s
Rehabilitation—the First Asian UNESCO Creativity
Workshop. She has been invited to international
creativity workshops across Italy, UK, and Germany;
she has taught at design schools in South Africa and
Gayatri is pursuing research in the field of Opportunity
Mapping in Design.

gayatri[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Coordinator, Foundation Programme
  • Head, Design Teachers Programme