Immanuel Suresh

Immanuel Suresh is a designer and educator. He had
been part of the Faculty development programme at
NID before he joined as a faculty member in the Visual
Communication discipline. He has been actively involved
in the Foundation Programme and teaches basic design
courses. Suresh joined the College of Art and Crafts,
Chennai one of the country’s oldest art institutions,
where he learned from reputed painters and craftsmen
teachers in a metal smithy. Self supported by five years
of part-time work as a scientific glass-blower, he earned
a postgraduate diploma in Painting with a first class
gold medal. A short stint in advertising followed his
At NID, Suresh teaches Colour and Drawing. His other
interests include nature, form, and illustration. He
teaches Environment Exposure. He has been in the
teaching profession for the past 26 years and enjoys it

imsuresh[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Activity Chairperson, Design Foundation Studies