Ranjit Konkar

Since 2007, Ranjit Konkar has been teaching Materials
and Processes, Technical Studies, Technically Complex
Products, Design Overview and Surface Finishes courses
at the Faculty of Industrial Design at NID. He has a
cumulative work experience of 14 years.
Ranjit, who earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering
from Stanford University in 1993, has headed the
Faculty of Industrial Design and Skill Development Lab
and co-ordinated the setting up of NID’s Partners for the
Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education
(PACE) Centre and Design Science Lab. He has also
chaired the Admissions and the Purchase committees.
Some of Ranjit’s important projects include the design
of a welding gas regulator for Elektriska Svetsnings
Aktie Bolaget (ESAB) and a self-initiated project on
the design for a bathroom corner tile. He has also
authored two papers: Incremental Kinematic Analysis of
Mechanisms in the Journal of Mechanical Design (1995)
and Geometric Insight into Scalar Combination of Linear
Equations in Resonance (2009).

ranjit_k[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Head, ID Labs and Coordinator, PACE & Design Science Lab
  • Member, Admission Cell
  • Activity Vice - Chairperson, I&OP