Suman Chowdhury

Suman Chowdhury teaches in Animation Film Design under the Faculty of Communication Design at NID. He has done Faculty Development Programme from NID. With a background in Fine Arts (Painting), Suman holds Master degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor degree and Diploma in Animation. With a cumulative experience of ten years, Suman has worked in wide areas of communication design, including 2d & 3d animation, game design, CD & Web-based training module design, painting & installation art, identity & publication design, multimedia, information technology and software development segments. Suman is versed with script-to-screen process of various forms of animation, including classical hand drawn, digital 3d, stop motion and experimental animation. Having a balanced skillset in traditional and technological domain, Suman’s interest lies in integrating physical and digital medium through experimental motion design and cross disciplinary intervention. His teaching areas include Drawing, Animation Principles, Hand-drawn Classical Animation, Storytelling & Narrative Structure, Character Design, Sculpting, Illustration, 3D Computer Animation, Experimental Animation, Digital Design, Colour Theory, Media Appreciation, Space-Form-Structure, Design Process, Research Methodology and Visual Ethnography.

suman_c[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Faculty, Animation Film Design