An international poster competition was organized on the theme of ‘Expressing India through Typography’. The participants were expected to design a poster through the use of only letterforms - Roman or any Indian Script. Calligraphically or digitally created letterforms or existing fonts, or a combination of these could also be used. The size of the poster was given as 420x600 mm, portrait or landscape format.This competition was open to students, faculty and professionals (Indian, Non-resident Indians, as well as foreign citizens). The last day for submission of these entries was 10th January 2011. The top 25 entries with maximum votes were selected for free registration for Typography Day 2011, International Seminar and Workshops.
Congratulations to all the co-winners of the poster competition. We received 258 entries from all parts of the world, and thank all the participants for taking part in the competition. We would also like to thank the jury members for taking out their valuable time and helping us with the selection process. The 24 co-winners won a free registration for the two day seminar and the workshops that followed.
You can see the enlarged images of these posters if you click on their thumbnails below.
Winning entries

Abhijith K.R.

Akash Raj Halankar

Amrita Singh

Arghya Ghosh Dastidar

Ashish Kalpund

Augustyanag Jadhav

Chaitali Pawaskar

Clayton Wilfred D'mello

Gala Darshana

Joint Family (Divya and Pavithra)


Kushal Birari

Manasi Shetye

Manish Dnyaneshwar Patil

Prashant Sharma

Ravikant Chandrakant Pawar

Reuben Dsilva

Rucha Vakhariya

Srinivasulu Palle

Umang Pankaj Dedhia

Umang Pankaj Dedhia

Varghese Mathew

Vidhi Dedhia

Vinita Kokate
Jury Members
Anil Kumar Sinha Principal Designer, Graphic Design, National Institute of Design
Anil Sinha has over 25 years of experience in teaching Colour & Composition, Elements of Design, Symbol Design, Space, Form & Structure and Basic Graphic Design at NID. His areas of interest are Graphics & Communication System Design, Symbology & Corporate Image, Exhibition Event Design, Communication Research, and Packages Design.
Girish Dalvi
Girish Dalvi is a research scholar at IDC, IIT Bombay, he has completed his graduation in computer engineering, and his masters in new media design from NID. He is working on the structural aspects of Devanagari typography.
G V Sreekumar Associate Professor, Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay
Prof. G V Sreekumar is a member of faculty in 'Visual Communication' and 'Product Design' at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. His fields of expertise are visual design, typography, publication design, magazine design and information graphics.
Immanuel Suresh Principal Designer, Graphic Design, National Institute of Design
Immanuel Suresh is a faculty member at NID and is currently handling courses like Colour, Drawing, Nature and Form, Environmental Perception, Elements of Design and Conceptualisation, foundation, undergradate and post graduate students. His other areas of interest are narratives and cooking.
Ranjana Dani Senior Faculty, MIT Institute of Design
Ranjana Dani is teaching at MIT Institute of Design, Pune as a Senior Faculty in the Graphic Design Department. Her fields of expertise are Graphic Design, Visualization, Advertising and Marketing Theory and Branding and Innovative Strategy. She is also involved in painting as a professional artist and endeavors to develop artistic skills and a distinctive style.
Ravi Poovaiah Professor, Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay
Professor Ravi Poovaiah is a member of faculty in 'Visual Communication' and 'Interaction Design' at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. His current pedagogic as well as research and design interests are in areas related to Collaborative learning environments, Way finding systems, Interaction devices, Information Visualisation, Visual data bases, Designing for children and in Corporate strategy and Retail design.
Rupesh Vyas Faculty, Graphic Design, National Institute of Design
Rupesh Vyas currently teaches Graphic Design, Typography, Elements of Multimedia, Information Visualization, Design Cognition, Multi-sensory Design at NID. His other areas of interest are Computer Graphics, Human Centered Information Design for Public Utility Systems and Environmental Graphics.
Santosh Kshirsagar Faculty Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India.
Teaching Devnagari Calligraphy, Typography and visual communication design. From last two decades. Type Design for Microsoft (OTF for window xp) in Gujrathi & Oriya scripts. Illustrated talks on Indian Calligraphy in Germany, Belgium, London and Japan. Work exhibited in Australia, USA. Show in Japan. Conducted several workshops, in India and abroad. Now pursuing Ph.D. at IDC, Indian Institute of Technology.
S. M. Shah Former Faculty,Graphic Design, National Institute of Design
S. M. Shah, one of the first faculty members at NID, taught for more than 30 years at the National Institute of Design with expertise in Basic graphic design, photography, symbol design and composition. He also has a vast expertise in Package design, exhibition design, textile print design colour and space form and structure.
Subrata Bhowmick
Subrata Bhowmick has worn many caps throughout his career as an art director, photographer, textile, poster, product and interior designer. He is one of India’s leading graphic designers and is an almnus of NID. For over four decades he has been inspiring generations of Indian designers.
Tarun Deep Girdher Faculty, Graphic Design, National Institute of Design
Tarun Deep Girdher teaches Typography, Publication Design, Printing Technology, Visual Narrative, Systems Design and Elective based projects as a graphic design faculty At NID. His areas of interest are Behaviour Change Communication Strategies for Rural Communities, Inclusive Design (design for disability), Usability and Information Design, Strategic Project Management, How Learners' Learn, Design Education and Pedagogy.
Dr. Tridha Gajjar Faculty, Graphic Design, National Institute of Design
Dr. Tridha Gajjar is teaching Elements of Composition, Word and Image, Basic Graphic Design, Colour and Composition, Visual Narrative, Advance Graphic Design, Packaging Design and Printing Technology at National Institute of Design.
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