Eleven exciting workshops were organised for the registered participants of the seminar, on the 5th of March 2011 from 09:30am to 03:30pm. Participants registered for Typography Day 2011 were eligible to attend any one of these ten offered workshops. Registrations for each workshop were limited and on first-come first-serve basis. These workshops were-

  • Composition with Hotmetal Typefaces by Mr. Mahendra C. Patel and Ms. Ranjana Dani
  • Expressive Typography by Mr. G. V. Sreekumar and Mr. Girish Dalvi
  • Letterforms Come to Life by Mr. Rajesh Dahiya
  • Akshar Prakash by Mr. Amit Kharsani
  • Letter Design Inspired from Various Material by Mr. Manohar Desai
  • Experiment in Calligraphy for new concepts for type design by Mr. Santosh Kshirsagar
  • Introduction to Indic Type Design by Mr. SatyaRajpurohit, Ms. Erin McLaughlin,
    Mr. Dan Reynolds and Ms. Amelie Bonet
  • 3D Type Paper Quilling by Ms. Deepti Bhadbhade
  • Control Cut Paste by Mr. Salim
  • Calligraphy and Expression by Mr. Achyut Palav
  • Rationalizing Typography - Learning by Doing by Mr. Mandar Rane
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