Design in information and communication technology is to make technology human centric by improving organization, accessibility and better reception of information for clarity, efficiency and reach. Ubiquitous digitized systems are fast replacing every mode of communication and manual transactions and are producing a colossal data. Organization and visualization of information that clearly and intelligibly augments insights is a design challenge.

The core belief of the programme is to assist humanity to make sense of the facts and data by designing them into a consumable information, thereby enriching the user experience and knowledge. It synchronizes fields of visual design, design research, data science, processing and imaging technology with an objective to train specialist designers who can convert complex information into a user friendly and visually rich resource, which enables insights and decision-making.

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Dr Bibhudutta Baral


Chakradhar Saswade






Bengaluru Campus


IT Integrated

Student Works

The Program looks for students who are keen observers, have a strong aesthetic sense and are passionate about the visual design. The student should love to crunch numbers in complex information environment and at the same time be motivated to identify patterns and concepts within to communicate the same in a user friendly interactive visualization. The student should imbibe the qualities of empathy and a visual flair to be able to extract and present a non-judgmental view of realities.