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Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Role of NID’s IPR Cell

  • The IPR Cell offers all assistance and guidance in case of filing of IPR, preparation of  documents, and IPR-related support in commercialisation of the products if needed after obtaining the IPR.
  • If the IPR Cell finds a student’s product already existing or already applied for, it would inform the student accordingly and not proceed with the matter.
  • The Institute, through the IPR Cell, reserves the right, without providing a reason, to not file a student’s product for IPR.

    Possible reasons for not agreeing to file a students work for IPR could be:

    • the product is in a space which is socially sensitive or controversial and where it might be portraying a message unacceptable by current public health norms (eg, smoking)
    • the product is in a space where protection might actually hamper free dissemination of the product (eg, generic drugs) through open source.
  • The IPR Cell, through the Institute, would bear the entire financial burden of obtaining the IPR. No payment of any kind is expected from the student for any part of the IPR application process.

IPR Cell


ipr[at]nid [dot]edu


+91 79 26629689