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Activities: International Centre for Indian Crafts

The Handicrafts industry in India is part of a very complex global socio-cultural and economic scenario. To deal with the situation from numerous perspectives, the activities of the centre aim to provide scope for multiple levels of knowledge sharing and design dissemination mechanisms.

Some of the activities that are already in progress :

Crafts Documentation and Need Assessment

ICIC with the support of NID's academic programmes carries out a number of crafts documentation projects. This field research project is taken forward with a region specific mapping of the Indian crafts and to prioritize the needs and opportunities where design intervention couldhelp. In addition, several sponsored projects are also undertaken to develop need assessment survey reports/ feasibility reports to research and articulate market trends vis-à-vis cluster specific needs leading to establish design intervention methodology.

Curriculum and Training Resource Development

Need based curriculum development for training modules for specific crafts are a continuous process at ICIC. The curriculum and training strategies are enriched with the outcome of design research carried out by faculty and students at ICIC-NID. New designs, samples, prototypes, specimens, design/ process manual, etc. are also developed for providing visually rich content

that is comprehensible to the trainees. While ICIC-NID acts as the core design resource centre, it continues to harness external resources and expertise with multidisciplinary approach.

Training Programmes/ Workshops for Specific Clients

ICIC undertakes and conducts a number of short term Design led workshops and training programmes for diverse range of crafts. These programmes not only provide skill development opportunities but also provide contextual design inputs including product development and

diversification. A range of unique value addition strategies are integrated in each of these programmes including market testing of new products.

International Crafts Design Programmes/ Workshops on IndianCrafts

The centre has already conducted some international exchange programmes successfully and several more are underway. Plans are in progress for offering international workshops in the area of Indian Crafts for international participants in chosen craft techniques. These new programmes will provide unique opportunities to the participants to appreciate and learn develop new products with the Indian master crafts persons.

Seminars and Lectures

With the success of a national seminar, “Indian Crafts: the future in the globalising world”, ICIC plans to hold periodic seminars and lecture series with the support of various sponsoring bodies, knowledge partners, experts, and experienced crafts persons.

Hand Holding and Design Clinics

In order to bring in sustainability to the outcome of various efforts made by ICIC, the centre has adopted a unique approach to hold post-training design clinics for imparting inputs on various issues related to design and development for earlier participants. A cluster development perspective is also taken while planning of such on-the-spot consulting clinics. This helps

in building capacity of crafts persons in an incremental manner that is critical for design and product success.