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International Centre for Indian Crafts (ICIC)


Approach: International Centre for Indian Crafts

Today, the traditional crafts persons are facing challenges of new trends,new markets and changing economies, leading to problems of contextual product development and marketing. It is critical to provide them not only skill upgradation training but also a comprehensive and formal education that helps them to innovate, diversify and maximise their earning potential through the crafts activity.

The following aspects are an integral part of ICIC-NID approach :

The Handicrafts industry in India is part of a very complex global socio-cultural and economic scenario. To deal with the situation from numerous perspectives, the activities of the centre aim to provide scope for multiple levels of knowledge sharing and design dissemination mechanisms.

activities: design research and knowledge creation

The soul of Indian handicrafts is their design vocabulary and high level of skills and workmanship. Analysis shows that the artisans have suffered because they have been limited by the lack of contemporary design knowhow for product innovation and updated market intelligence.

ICIC aims to reduce this gap through continuous design research in the areas of need. The knowledge created will be documented and shared with the crafts persons in order to provide a cutting edge.

Customisation of Training Curriculum

Sophistication of visual language, branding through design, use of new technology and techniques are the stepping stones to succeed in today's dynamic markets. Both traditional materials and new processes can be interwoven innovatively to result in a contemporary products appeal. Opportunities that are unique to specific needs could be used as a strategic tool to achieve new breakthroughs. Continuous customization of crafts training programmes will ensure more efficient learning and applicability.

Exchanges, Networking and Support Systems

ICIC at NID works with a collaborative approach and in a highly networked manner. Our network includes experienced professionals from diverse fields, education and R&D institutions, NGO's, government organisations, etc. The center is taking several steps in partnership with institutions and individuals to keep abreast with the latest developments and upcoming resources from

all across the world and share them with the stakeholders. The center also draws its supports from the large resource of experienced NID faculty and its state of art infrastructure. This cooperative strategy in design delivers maximum value to the artisans.

ICIC also facilitates a unique approach of craftspersons' exchange at national and international level wherein artisans and designers working with crafts and from diverse backgrounds come together for exchange of ideas, experience and crafts practice.

Market Linkages and Crafts Promotion

Through all its training programmes and hand holding exercises, ICIC integrates market sensitization and exposure. This knowledge and exposure is provided with the help of our network with the importers, individual businessmen, professional designers, international experts and entrepreneurs. Opportunities are created for the craftsmen to interact directly with customers and market outlets. ICIC also organises various platforms such as seminars, design clinics, buyer seller meets, etc. in order to create wider awareness about the role of design for crafts and for creation of new networks besides strengthening the existing ones. Efforts are aimed to establish design credibility and increase the persuasive power of Indian handicrafts as a brand in the international market.