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International Centre for Indian Crafts (ICIC)


Craft traditions in India continue to reflect diverse regional and socio-cultural profiles of the country. Frequently, craft traditions communicate important cultural concepts and function beyond their basic role of ornamentation and cultural expression.

Traditionally, crafts were produced and managed by the craftsmen themselves. However, “Globalisation” demands innovative products, materials, and processes with new standards of quality and creativity. Today, due to changes in social set ups, culture and economy, the crafts and the crafts persons are increasingly becoming vulnerable to new realities. Strengths of Indian handicrafts is increasingly being recognised both in export as well as domestic urban markets, but the qualitative market intelligence flow between market-place and the crafts persons is not up to

the desired level. Besides, quality of production, approaches for further market development, protection of traditional wisdom and practices through IPR, sustainability, crafts promotion, etc. are the other aspects that need to be addressed for effective growth of Indian handicrafts.

Design plays a major role in empowering the crafts and crafts persons, both as an enabler and a value adder. Only knowledge empowerment and efficient multi- disciplinary networking can lead to cutting edge advantage to Indian crafts. Attributes of Indian handicrafts have a great potential to contribute in this direction if hand held properly.

National Institute of Design (NID) is internationally recognised as one of the foremost and trans-disciplinary institutions in the field of design education, research and training for over four decades. NID has played a key role as a catalyst in development and promotion of design in the

Indian Handicrafts Industry. Through its Outreach Programmes, NID continues to be engaged in design intervention initiatives for crafts sector through government and non-government organisations/ institutions. Over the years, a number of craft documentations, craft design training programmes and craft development projects were undertaken by NID. The institute has also helped set up craft development related centres/ institutions like IICD, Jaipur; BCDI, Agartala; and CDI, Srinagar. This extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the country's diverse and vibrant crafts sector has motivated NID to set up an International Centre for Indian Crafts (ICIC) with the support of the Development Commissioner of Handicrafts

- DC (H), at NID's Ahmedabad campus for capacity building, designtechnology orientation and skill upgradation of artisans and crafts persons.

Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) is the nodal office to work for sustainable development of handicrafts through socioeconomic upliftment of the artisans and supplementation of the efforts of the State Governments for promotion and development of

handicrafts within the country and abroad. Various initiatives of the DC (H) aim towards increasing employment opportunities and preserving crafts as a living heritage.