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International Centre for Indian Crafts (ICIC)


International Centre for Indian Crafts (ICIC) offers trans-disciplinary knowledge and experience as the cutting edge strategy of design, to improve the quality of life of crafts persons through need based designled training to add value to the handicrafts sector. The key objective of the Centre is to train the crafts persons from Indian Handicrafts Industry by providing formal contemporary design entrepreneurship and product development orientation through strategic design-technology-skillmanagement programmes/ workshops at multiple levels on regular basis.

This includes developing richer and need based curricula and training techniques, providing wider market exposure and better opportunities involving various stake holders.

The goals ICIC is focusing on are :

  • To raise design and quality standards of crafts products for better marketability.
  • To capitalise on local strengths in culture and crafts to pursue interdisciplinary strategic focus.
  • To utilise design research and documentation as a strategy for enriching knowledge and skills.
  • To interface between the government and the handicrafts sector for preparing policies and plans to achieve common goals.
  • To develop knowledge resources for making the Indian handicrafts sector globally competitive through better inflow of market intelligence and integration of new capabilities and skills.
  • To increase knowledge exchange opportunities through national and international exchanges and collaborative projects.
  • To help create the environment for consolidated and sustainable growth.
  • To extend expertise for similar initiatives and in setting up crafts based institutions in India and elsewhere.
  • To promote events and activities for extending and expanding markets for Indian handicrafts.
  • To help protect Intellectual Property in the Indian crafts sector.