Hello friends, here we return with the theme of 6th edition of our beloved COWfest - ‘Africa-Asia’. We will start mooing from 22nd October, with formal opening and few workshops and maybe couple of random debates about ‘Today’. We also rekindle our pre-historic ancestors those who came from Congo Basin and Gondwana Land. Chitrakatha’17 will aim to build the map of Triassic era in our minds, especially in this age of strange conflicts and hatreds, boundaries and divides. With the song of necessity against luxury where do we fit our mother of invention we have to ask? This festival will also connect COWS and DOGS!!!

To share and bare the ‘Method and Madness’ as the key. And the subtext of 6th edition could be World Peace, Human Rights, Non Violence, Love, Laughter, Identity, Gender, Gaze, Freedom, Quality, Compassion… megastars could be Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Charlie Chaplin, Ramkinkar, Zainul Abedin, Nelson Mandela, Elaben Bhatt, Osmane Sembene, Desmond Tutu, Begam Rokeya.... maybe from Switzerland Peace Will Come According to Paul Klee’s plan! There could be few verbal football games with teams like Training vs. Education, Research vs. Practice, Freedom vs. Control, Humane vs. Mechanical, Identity vs. Homogeneity …Afro-Asia will animate this chaotic dance of new world order.

Questions are if Past is the Future or Future is the Past in this Tense Present!!!!

What are the plans for the 6th edition??? Hush…we will unfold it frame by frame, page by page…to celebrate another crazy moment of human gathering with all our Chitrakatha fans…those who are away…don’t wait…join hands we need you and you need us…. Some more words have started buzzing around in the air…Siddis, Parsis, Nagas, Masais, Moshais, Monsieurs, Pandits, Bandits, Clowns, Farmers, Scientists, Drummers, Lullabies & Grammers…Spices, Rocks, Flowers, Trees, Birds, Warmth, Sunlight, Migration, and Earth…. Story travels, Traveling Stories, Traveling Wilburys…Purna Das Baul met Bob Dylan, meeting of various minds are Noble Thoughts… Writing pictures or Drawing words! Chitrakatha’17 will embrace all!

On 28 October 2017 COW will sing ‘Happy Birthday Theatre Optique!’ with salutation to Charles-Émile Reynaud !!!

With lots of Love, Laugh and Moo!

Sekhar Mukherjee

Festival Director- Chitrakatha International Student Animation Festival

Mobile & WhatsApp: +919825612592, Skype: sekhar.mukherjee