Quick Look Day 1

Rafiqun Nabi will talk about his cartoon character Tokai and his socio political context. His body of work will be on display at the Aquarium, and he is a part of this year’s Jury.

Anand Prajapati, a prolific ceramic artist, is shy but his creations speak. He works with NID ceramic lab and also extends his help to our COW call with a smile. He designed Chitrakatha ‘07 and ’11 trophies and mementos.

Shashi Ghosh is an independent filmmaker and along with her daily chores she quietly takes good advantage of the camera and documents unsung life around us. Today’s story is about one of those unsung keepers of campus entry and exit, and the life beyond that.

V Shaktivel, known as just Shakti to the NID community, is an unique and dedicated fellow working with fibre & yarn, dying, basic weaving etc. and he also shares his hands on experience with the students. He will talk about the fascinating world of natural colours.

Tara Douglas runs her wilful initiative Adivasi Trust. She braved the mainstream storms to continue her journey documenting tribal tales through animations made by the tellers. One such story will be heard.
Haribabu is a NID alumnus and a fine artist from Madras Art College. He spend most of his time quietly in reversing sraps, giving them amazing shapes and eventually transforming them to life. In this session, he will resurrect the junkyard! www.fossilss.com

Dr Mohamed Ghazala is the VP of the iconic world animation body ASIFA and a chairholder at EFFAT University, Jeddah. A Jury member for this 5th edition, he tirelessly collects and spreads animation initiatives across the world. He will introduce African animation with tribute to the legend Allesane and few more.

Maral Mohammadian, jury member, is a producer and works with the historic animation cinema establishment National Board of Canada, commonly known as NFB whose animation department was initiated by legendary Norman McLaren. This one is a birthday gift to the great Scotsman, and she will talk about how McLaren’s legacy is still effective and in practice today at NFB. This is the last session of the day, so DO be there. www.nfb.ca/

Quick Look Day 2

Pema Tshering also called Tintin, is from Bhutan and is a founding member of VAST-Bhutan, the only contemporary art center in the country. He runs his own art gallery in Thimphu and started the first comic studio in the country. He also co-founded and co-organises Bhutan’s first short film and documentary festival Beskop Tshechu. www.vast-bhutan.org

Lawtoons uses the medium of cartoons to illustrate the laws and legal rights, making them easier especially for children. Kelly and Kanan Dhru dared to quit their legal jobs to venture with this unlawful low art. This is their story. www.lawtoons.in

Marco Ieie is a Painter, filmaker, scenographer for international events, illustrator for children’s books and is a cofounder of Cucinema. He also takes workshops on pre-cinema techniques and art. He will speak in Italian, but his illustrations are universal. https://www.facebook.com/grisu.illo/about

Immanuel Suresh is a storyteller, designer, and an educator for the last 26 years. At NID, Suresh teaches Colour and Drawing. His other interests include nature, form, and illustration. He teaches Environmental Perception. www.nid.edu/people/faculty/immanuel-suresh

Allen Shaw, NID Alumni, landed in NID after a few wrong numbers and specialised in Animation. Today, artist Allen who practices design for a living will be telling his illustrated travel stories. www.allenshaw.com

Akshata Udiaver is a curious wide-eyed writer, illustrator, and an animation activist and journalist. She found the COWshed way back in 2007 and has been a die-hard fan of storytelling of all kinds. Today, she will tell a story about the Youtube revolution and tomorrow she’ll show 9 handpicked animated shorts from India.

Francois Chalet is an independent illustrator, animator, director and visual artist since 1997. He is a regular jury member and speaker at international conferences and festivals who shows new territories of animation in contemporary dance, installation work, visual music and new media. Chitrakatha’15 opening projection is his second coming to NID. www.francoischalet.ch

Arun Gupta is a senior professor and heads the Film & Video department at NID. He directs Alpavirama, the other NID film festival whose animation twin is Chitrakatha. He will tell our story focusing on non-heroes and heroines. Chitrakatha’15 salutes Alpavirama’14 to blur the line between animation and live action and celebrate only Cinema! www.nid.edu/people/faculty/arun-gupta

Isabel Herguera, the guiding angel of every Chitrakatha and a prolific animation artist, was the artistic director of Animac, Spain and a regular visiting expert to NID, CAFA and more. She will be curating two fantastic line blurring feature, Belated Primere and Wrinkles, a double delight for this edition.

Quick Look Day 3

Rohit Swarup/ Liuyi Wang: This short session will touch upon the recent collaboration of India and China through organized a couple of animated shorts for beginners in China with the guidance from Indian experts. Sandeep Ashwath, NID Alumni, animation designer and educator and a teacher at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, will speak in depth about how an illustration symposium can be organized, about illustration as a serious communication tool, and the need of design research in illustration. Dr. Shilpa Das, senior faculty at NID who loves telling and listening to stories. She ensures cross-disciplinary courses help design students join the dots and find contexts. This short session is about ethical practices of storytellers in a wider world.

Przemyslaw Adamski is an assistant in Animation Studio at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Freelancer, and half of the Kijek/Adamski duo working across several genres of off-beat films, thus discovering new ways to realise projects. His talk will be the part of the Polish Animation Day to celebrate convergence in animation.

Dr. Jake Wroblewski mainly works with video art and installations and is currently working on a adaptation of a James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. He teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Multimedia Art at the Academy. His talk will be a part of the Polish Animation Day to celebrate convergence in animation. https:// vimeo.com/jakubwroblewski

Paolo Polsello is not an animator or an animation scholar, but his amateurish interest for animation comes from his curiousity in the arts. He is a part of the Italian festival Luccanimation, the editor of the web-magazine wowtoons.it , and an associate producer having crowdfunded several major festival-featured films. Also a part of the Jury, he will crack a session on Personal Laughter.

Gianmarco Serra has directed documentaries vfor RAI 3, the Italian culture and education public TV channel. He is an independent producer for institute films on social themes, and has taken workshops and lectures on the issue of freedom of expression. His musical performance will be one with a cause.

Quick Look Day 4

Lakshmi Murthy, NID alumni, is ceramic designer with a social bend. She’ll talk about her design research on homemade menstrual products and more. www.vikalpdesign.com

PeeBuddy (India’s First Female Urination Device) using which women can stand & urinate for hygenic or physical contraints. It has received widespread appreciation from medical practitioners and media personalities. Chitrakatha ‘15 will hear their story.www.peebuddy.in

Team Ultrashort will talk about Project Ultrashort. Please welcome Dr. Fred Truniger, Stefanie Bräuer, Elke Rentemeister from Lucerne Univerity of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Ajay Kumar Tiwari , NID Alumni did his masters in Animation Film Design from NID and joined here as a faculty in 2008. He has taught courses across over eight disciplines. Today he will showcase the experimental animation from NID. www.nid.edu/people/faculty/ajay-kumar-tiwari

Dhimant Vyas, NID Alumni a.k.a. Kaka is already an icon of Indian animation. A born artist, an indigenous storyteller and a powerhouse of tactile animation. Let’s hear about his time making Aardman’s latest flick, Shaun the Sheep. www.dhimantvyas.com

Jurgen Haas himself an animator, co-founded the iconic animation studio, Studio Film Bilder, in Stuttgart in 1989. He teaches at Bauhaus University, Filmakademie Baden and is the head of BA Animation program in HSLU, Lucerne. He will tell us the rest.

CAFA’s Secret: Central Academy of Fine Arts,Beijing is going to be 100 in 2017. Today, let’s talk about the future is here of animation as cinema, cinema as cooking, cooking as story and story as life. Senior Professor of CAFA Prof. Chengkemei is the storyteller.www.cafa.edu.cn

Doris Cleven had many feathers in her cap before joining the Graphoui studio. Through Folioscope, she has been co-directing the Anima Festival since 1988.. A fantastic educator and an avid supporter of Chitrakatha, she has brought us some much needed ‘Good Animation’. www.animafestival.be

Cucinema is a workshop-performance-party.

1. A 16 mm film and slides are painted, drawn or scratched on to create artwork.
2. At the same time, musical instruments are built, played, and recorded directly on the 16mm film. 3. Also, on the side, food is cooked and prepared..
4. The day ends with dinner and film screening.

Quick Look Day 5

Studio Fairy Cow of NID Alumni Bimal Poddar is a humble Bombay based studio run by NID alumnus Bimal Poddar, a soft-spoken ever smiling witty animation artist. He will make a short tour about his initiatives and survival stories with a hope to produce independent short animation.

Studio Mud & Water’s of NID Alumni Shaaz Ahmed is a Design Innovation Studio in Communication based in Gurgaon.The studio focuses on producing original content, using innovative methods and unique representations in animation and visual design. Attempting to explore a new method in Storytelling, “Talking Walls” introduces the new Pediatric Ward at L N Hospital, New Delhi India in a unique ‘animation installation’ format. Lets listen to them.

Firefly Creative Studio’s Santath PC is a NID alumni. Along with two other fellow alumni he founded national award winner Firefly Creative Studio in Hyderabad and working mostly with Telegu film industry. With right mix of art, design and technology. So his session is about their journey, challenges and feat.

Eeks E Suresh is a NID Alumni and founder and creative director of iconic award winning animation and film studio Eeksaurus Studio Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. His amazing work brought India’s first ever Cristal Award won at Annecy, the world’s oldest, largest and most prestigious animation film festival. A master of storytelling, he envisions a bright future for the country through an entourage of different mediums, visuals and thought provoking films. We will get a glimpses of his magic.

Prakash Moorthy doesn’t need any introduction. He is the first graduate from NID animation’s first batch. In his long journey with animation storytelling and being in the die hard COW gang he believes that the real movement is about to start for Indian animation storytelling. So in this right kind of platform he is going to talk about a rewind to the first step of animation! Master in Animation Cinema is what we need.

Award ceremony will be quite nostalgic and this brings the closure of the COW fever. But the spirit will be there and keep our hope alive, hopefully.