Time Event Venue
DAY-1   14/10/2015   Wednesday
10:00 Chitrakatha’15 Opening by NID director Shri Pradyumna Vyas & other guests NID Auditorium
10:30 World of Tokai by Rafiqun Nabi, Senior Artist/Cartoonist, Bangladesh- Presentation NID Auditorium
11:00 Earthen Animation - by Anandbhai, Ceramic Artist, NID, India- Presentation NID Auditorium
11:30 Jagdishbhai-A Life In Progress-A character sketch by Shashi Ghosh - Screening NID Auditorium
12:00 Story of Colours by V Shaktibhel, Textile Designer, NID, India- Presentation NID Auditorium
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Various workshops take off…
Experimental Stop motion: Closed Workshop
Ultra Short: Closed Workshop
Lawtoon: Open Workshop
Pataphysical Opera: Open Workshop
Huion & Topolet Animation Jam: Open Workshop
Visual Mapping: Closed Workshop
Workshop for SEWA: Closed Workshop
Various Places in and around NID.
Details of the workshop, name of the experts will be given in due course of time.
14:00 Opening of Tagore Anthology Graphic Novel WIP by JUP/Harper Collins-Exhibition Opening Design Gallery
15:00 Story of Abotani by Tara Douglas, India/Scotland -Screening NID Auditorium
15:30 “I see life in stillness”. – by Haribabu Naatsen, Animation Designer/Artist, Mumbai, India-Presentation NID Auditorium
16:15 Opening of Rafiqun Nabi’s cartoon and other works –Exhibition Opening NID Aquarium
16:30 Competition-1- Screening NID Auditorium
18:00 80th Anniversary of African Animation: Moustapha Alassane as Godfather. A presentation by Dr. Mohamed Ghazala, chair of VDP (Effat University, Jeddah) VP, ASIFA. NID Auditorium
19:00 Centenary Tribute to Norman McLaren by Maral Mohamedian, Producer, NFB, Canada- Screening NID Auditorium
20:00 Dinner Break
21:30 Chitrakatha’15 Opening Projection- Screening NID Backfield
Every night there will be NID Garba at Backfield.Chitrakatha’15 delegates are welcome to participate.
DAY-2   15/10/2015   Thursday
10:00 Tintin in Bhutan!!! by Pema Tshering ,Bhutan- Presentation NID Auditorium
10:30 Making of Lawtoon-by Lawtoon Team, Ahmedabad, India- Presentation NID Auditorium
11:00 Little Scrap Book- By Marco Ieie, Illustrator, Teacher, Performer, Italy- Presentation NID Auditorium
11:30 My Favourite Stories- By Prof Immanuel Suresh, Graphic Designer, NID, India-Presentation NID Auditorium
12:00 Illustrated Travelogue-Allen Shaw, Illustrator/Designer/Teacher, Germany/India-Presentation NID Auditorium
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 9 Moods of Anifest India by Akshata Udiaver,Hon. Secretary,TASI, Founder,Editor,Curator,AAA-Screening NID Auditorium
15:00 Chalet Chhe!!!- Animation Mystified by Francois Chalet, Switzerland¬- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
16:30 Competition-2- Screening NID Auditorium
18:00 Best of Alpaviram’14-by Prof Arun Gupta, Festival Director,Alpaviram- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
20:00 Dinner Break
21:00 Dance Documentary curated by Isabel Herguera, Animation Artist, Spain- Talk & Screening
22:30 Free time to Garba
DAY-3   16/10/2015   Friday
10:00 Ni Hao Guiyang- 1st Sino-India animation collaboration-by Liuyi Wang, CMIA,China & Rohit Swarup,i297,India- Presentation NID Auditorium
10:30 Illustration Research Symposium 2014 -Sandeep C, Design Educator, SDS, Bangalore, India- Presentation NID Auditorium
11:00 Design Ethics- by Dr. Shilpa Das, Inter-disciplinary educator, NID, India- Presentation NID Auditorium
11:30 What is Good Animation Festival? (Panel to be announced)- Panel Discussion NID Auditorium
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 New Horizons: Animation on YouTube by Akshata Udiaver, YouTube India, Kids & Learning- Presentation NID Auditorium
15:00 “Villains, Vamps and PLTs”- by Prof. Arun Gupta, HOD, NID FVC-Interactive Presentation NID Auditorium
17:00 Competition-3 Screening NID Auditorium
18:00 Polish Animation Day- Przemyslaw Adamski, ASP, Warsaw, Poland- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
19:00 Polish Animation Day- Jakub Wróblewski, ASP, Poland- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
20:00 Dinner Break
21:00 I Laugh Loudly- other kind of funny animation shorts by Paolo Polsello- Screening NID Auditorium
22:30 Free time to Garba NID Backfield
DAY-4   17/10/2015   Saturday
09:30 Democracy & Morning Music- By Gianmarco Serra, Tuscany, Italy –Talk & performance NID Auditorium
10:00 Making of Fridge Magnets and other stories-By Chatur Chidia and B M Institute of Mental Health NID Auditorium
10:30 ‘Menstrual Product Design’ by Lakshmi Murthy, Design Research, Udaipur, India- Presentation NID Auditorium
11:00 What is Peebuddy?! By Deep Bajaj, Founder Peebuddy, Delhi, India- Presentation NID Auditorium
11:30 Time for Ultra Shorts- Fred Truniger and his team, HSLU, Switzerland - Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Experimental Animation at NID by Ajay Tiwari- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
15:00 Kaka in Shaun The Sheep-Behind the scene by Dhimant Vyas, Animation Designer, Mumbai-Presentation NID Auditorium
16:00 Swiss German Tales-Jurgen Haas, HSLU, Luzern Switzerland- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
17:00 Competition-4 Screening NID Auditorium
18:00 CAFA’s Converging Stories- By Prof Chengkemei , Beijing, China- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
19:00 New Belgian Shorts-by Doris Cleven, Festival Director, Anima, Belgium- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
20:00 Cucinema Screening & Dinner Break
21:00 Saturday Night Special Feature-presented by Isabel Herguera, Spain- Screening NID Auditorium
DAY-5   18/10/2015   Sunday
09:30 Competition-5 - Screening NID Auditorium
11:00 Studio Fairy Cow by Bimal Poddar, Director, Mumbai, India- Talk & ScreeningCompetition-5 - Screening NID Auditorium
11:30 Studio Mud & Water’s Talking Walls by Shaaz Ahmed, Designer, Storyteller, Delhi, India NID Auditorium
12:00 Firefly Creative Studio-P C Sanat, Founder & Designer- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Huion Presentation-Rajiv Nagar, Head, Huion South Asia- Presentation NID Auditorium
14:30 Studio Eeksaurus Pvt Ltd by E Suresh, Director, Mumbai, India-Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
16:00 “Learning Animation Again” – Prof Prakash Moorthy, SRFTI, Kolkata, India- Presentation NID Auditorium
17:00 McLaren’s Legacy Today-Maral Mohamedian, Producer, NFB, Montreal, Canada- Talk & Screening NID Auditorium
18:00 Awards, Valedictory & Thanksgiving, Screening of Winning Entries NID Auditorium
20:30 Closing Dinner by Invitation Only with music by COW Band! Eames Plaza
Few Points:
• Apart from the scheduled programs there will be various limited capacity workshops offered in and around NID.
• Chitrakatha aims to promote good design education, co-creation and collaborative learning.
• NID student/faculty body will do pre-selection of films whereas eminent guests and professionals of various backgrounds will do the final selection during the festival.
• Chitrakatha’15 is celebrating multidisciplinary approach of animation and spirit of Norman McLaren and his influence across the nations.
• Salute to Alpaviram, as the twin film festival of NID, to remind us that Animation is a pure form of Cinema.
• There will always be a room open for last minute surprises.
• Chitrakatha is an outcome of the support from other festivals, friends, connoisseurs and the goodwill of COW!
• Programs are subject to change in case of any unavoidable circumstances.