Chitrakatha’17 Messages

“The National Institute of Design (NID) has always nurtured the spirit of design within the community. The interdisciplinary design culture at NID facilitates a unique interaction of minds which further enhances the value of design education imparted at the institute. ‘Chitrakatha: The International Student Animation Film Festival’ is a one of a kind event that celebrates not only the Animation Film Design department at NID but also the institute and its legacy.

This film festival began its extraordinary journey in 2007 and has flourished beautifully for a decade now. Recently, NID concluded a unique craft project for three African nations and it is a happy coincidence that this year’s theme for the festival is called ‘Afro-Asia’. I am confident that ‘Chitrakatha’ will continue to bring more MoU partners as well as friends from far and wide. Through this event, NID hopes to give wings to the dreams of all aspiring animators.

Wish you all the best!”

- Shri Pradyumna Vyas, Director, NID

“Design Education at NID has been a continuous process of evolution, the core of which is its contextual and process oriented design approach. With its strong knowledge and skill base, NID’s value based multi-disciplinary character helped its discipline of Animation Film Design develop its unique identity in the domain of storytelling. Chitrakatha, the ‘festival of storytelling’, initiated in the year 2007 by the alumni and senior faculty members of the department, has today grown into one of the internationally sought-after biennial meeting ground for alumni, students, industry members, educators and individuals from the field to share their stories. The proud survival of Chitrakatha, now for a decade, a story of a successful collaboration between the faculty members and its students is sure to inspire the design educators across the world. With ‘Afro-Asia’ as its theme, the Chitrakatha-2017 will provide another fantastic opportunity for exchange of dialogue between different communities of graphic storytellers. I am looking forward to welcome the animation design fraternity from across the world and once again a stimulating discussions and sharing of experiences.”

- Shri Shashank Mehta, Activity Chairperson, Proffesional Education Programmes

“I am delighted to see that Chitrakatha, a unique storytelling event which has evolved since it started in 2007 under the guidance of my colleague Sekhar, has survived all kinds of challenges during it's design journey and has come out of ages with flying colors. This is the decade of Chitrakatha. I am sure that with the theme ‘Afro-Asia’, the 6th edition of Chitrakatha will, once again, truly celebrate the importance of design research in graphic storytelling, be it animation, comics or any other form of graphic narration. I will be curious to see how Chitrakatha team pulls of the surprises that come their way like every edition. From identity, poster, publicity materials, kits, decors and the content, everywhere I can see research embedded in design of the event. I wish the very best to Sekhar and all prospective participants!”

- Shri Viaji Singh Katiyar, Activity Chairperson, Research & Publication.