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Education at R&D Campus, Bengaluru

At the turn of the century, NID placed an increased emphasis on research driven approach in design. This pertained especially when it came to the assessment of manufacturability of the ideated concepts, the need to delve deep into user requirements both at the individual level as well as at the systems level such as various scientific methodologies for design evaluation, design driven materials and process development and the mechanism of impregnating design for strategic marketing and branding of products, concepts.

NID’s R&D Campus at Bengaluru attempts to bridge this critical gap so that NID’s educational excellence which has been created over the past more than 50 years through intense teaching-learning process including field studies and “learning to know”, “learning to do”, “learning to learn” approaches to be buttressed by research inputs in different areas so that more innovations in design and break-through designs could emerge, leading to original IPR creation which is critical for success in the Innovation & Economy of the 21st Century.

The R & D Campus of NID, Bengaluru, is a major initiative of NID to achieve, design leadership of India by focusing on applied design research for breakthrough innovations in design which will have an impact on the quality of life of majority and competitiveness of industrial clusters including SMEs.

Being located in Bengaluru, the R & D and IT cluster hub of India, NID’s R & D Campus is expected to have a bias towards “high-tech-design fusion” including New Media, e-media, design for product innovations, Digital Inclusion and Development of IT based Digital Products & Process solutions.