In the past 2 years of Pandemic, there has been a boom in the usage of Digital media in almost all walks of life. This can be the start of a "Digital Revolution" to be marked on the historical timelines where the world has been connected together on various digitally-enabled platforms. Furthermore, this increases the significance of having a digitally inclusive and empowered society that encompasses areas like retail, education, e-governance, banking, healthcare etc.

The proposed Panel Discussion will address the challenges, issues, practices, and successful examples of the applications of Digital media technologies towards inclusivity and empowerment for transformations in our everyday life both as a fulcrum or as a support system in these difficult times. The speakers will bring in the challenges faced by the vast and diverse population and discuss the road map to transform the Indian population through Digital Inclusivity. The members in the Panel discussion includes Academicians, Industry Practitioners, Innovators, Designers etc. to discuss Inclusive futures.

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