Aarti Srivastava

Since 2010, Aarti Srivastava has been a faculty member
in the Textile Design discipline at NID. At the institute,
she takes courses in weaving—primarily basic and
advanced woven constructions.
Aarti, who graduated in painting and literature from
Vikram University, Ujjain and attained a diploma in
Textile Design from NID, worked in the textile industry for
ten years before she joined as faculty.
Aarti has worked with various export houses as Head
Designer, designing home furnishings for the export
market using various textile materials and techniques.
She is also a part of an outreach project for Indira
Gandhi National Centre for the Arts that focuses on
the documentation of textile traditions of north-east
India. Currently, she is leading a team of researchers
who are involved in comprehensive field work and
documentation of the textile traditions of Assam.

aartisrivastava[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Discipline Faculty, Textile Design