Chakradhar Saswade

Chakradhar Saswade teaches theory and practice of
Visual Semiotics and Design Fundamentals at NID.
He guides students through Diploma, Electives and
Classroom Projects as a faculty in Communication

After four years of doctoral research in the fields of art
and photography as a UGC-JRF scholar at M.S. University
of Baroda, Chakradhar joined NID in 1999 under the
Faculty Development Programme in Design Foundation
Studies. He has co-ordinated various programmes
at NID, including the Foundation Programme for the
Graduate Diploma Programme in Design (GDPD) and
Software and User Interface Development (PGDPD). He
has contributed in curriculum development activities
and is a member in several committees. He has actively
contributed in streamlining academic processes and
making the system more robust.

Along with a number of core courses in design, he
coordinates and collaborates with rural people for NID’s
Environmental Perception course conducted in villages
with the students of Foundation Programme every year
since 2000–01.

Chakradhar has created identity designs for the Reserve
Bank of India’s, DICGC, Mumbai and National Academy
of Telecom Finance and Management, Hyderabad
among others. He is a member of the textbook
development committee for class XII book Towards
New Age Graphic Design published by National Council
of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi and
has written two chapters for it. His contributions to NID
publications include the articles, Composing With Visual
Devices for The Trellis and Environmental Perception:
Core Perception to Fore for D/signed with Swasti
Singh Ghai. He has been invited as jury member to the
Moratuwa University, Colombo 2010 and had co-chaired
a session in the DETM - International Design Education
Conference that was held at NID in 2005.

Chakradhar is a visual artist and his work has been
exhibited at various national exhibitions. He is presently
working on the publication of teaching aids related to the
courses he teaches at NID.

chakradhar[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Faculty, Information Design
  • Activity Vice-Chairperson Continuous Education Programmes(CEP) (Bengaluru Campus)
  • Co-Head, Centre for Teaching & Learning (CTL) (Bengaluru Campus)