Kaushik Chakraborty

Kaushik Chakraborty enrolled into the Faculty
Development Programme at NID and joined the institute
in 2010 as a faculty in the Communication Design
discipline. He has worked in the industry for five years.
Kaushik holds postgraduate diplomas in Animation
Creation and Direction from Indo-Italian Institute for
Development Communication, Kolkata and Multimedia
Development Technology from MTDRC at Kolkata’s
Jadavpur University. He taught at NID for three years
prior to joining the institute as faculty. He is part of the
faculty group offering inputs in Freehand Drawing and
Environmental Perception in the Foundation Programme.
In Animation Design, Kaushik teaches Drawing and
Basics of Locomotion. He also conducted a workshop on
Basics of Animation as part of the summer workshops
held at the institute in 2011.
Kaushik has worked as a visualiser and animator at
Riddhi Management Services, Netguru and worked on
projects such as Geographic Information System (GIS)
for Gram Panchayat, series animation, web animation,
and animation content for mobile phones.
Kaushik’s hobbies include reading, photography, and
learning foreign languages.

kaushikc[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Faculty, Animation Film Design
  • Head, Animation Labs