Shashank Mehta

Shashank Mehta is a senior faculty of Industrial Design at NID. A qualified mechanical engineer and product designer, Shashank has worked in small and large-scale industries as well as in the craft and social sectors. Over the years, he has taught various courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has spearheaded the introduction of new course modules such as Indigenous Innovations, Service Design, Design Audit and Introduction to Experience Design to keep up with the rapidly changing demands and aspirations of the industry and economy. He has also been instrumental in developing the curricula for the four-year undergraduate programme in Product Design and the postgraduate programme in Product Design Engineering.

Shashank has worked extensively in the area of technology and design fusion, sustainability, and indigenous innovation. He has authored various articles and research papers and has anchored international workshops focused on design for development. In 2005, he organised and co-anchored the first International conference on design education in Asia, Design Education: Tradition and Modernity. He advises and reviews various international conferences.

shashank[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Discipline Faculty, Product Design