Outreach Programmes

NID's Outreach Programmes bring the Institute's experience and training facilities to the service of those outside its regular education and client service activities.

These Programmes help build a network of design collaboration toward economic and social priorities, between the Institute and organisation, groups and individuals all over India. These networks help extend design application in many areas still new to design.

NID's efforts are enriched by the experience of its Outreach collaborators which range from industrial bodies (particularly small, medium and hand industries) and other institutions of education and training, to voluntary organisation and central or state bodies working in priority sectors.

Workshop and training programmes are tailored to the specific needs of particular groups, aimed at assisting them to put design awareness in schools, at primary and secondary levels.


The Activity Chairperson Outreach


outreach[at]nid [dot]edu


+91 79 26629601 / 26629768 / 26629770