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Craft Management Programmes

As part of its long term commitment to the craft sector, the National Institute of Design (NID), through its International Centre for Indian Crafts (ICIC) and Outreach Programmes is pleased to initiate short duration (3-5 days) Craft Management Programmes (CMP) for the benefit of NGOs, craft enterprises, craft clusters and independent artisans/craft practitioners. The primary objective of the programmes is to sensitise the aforesaid stakeholders to the realities of modern business trends and the constantly changing landscape of contemporary consumer markets.

In the absence of a holistic approach between the creation and marketing of craft products, a significant number of newly developed craft products fail to see the light of commercial markets. The real challenge thus lies in being able to link the new products to markets wherein a host of marketing and management related issues need to be addressed for effectively conveying the products to their designated target audience and converting them into commercial success.

The proposed Craft Management Programmes would offer insights into domains that would elevate craft based products and services to the next level, some of which are stated below:
1. Brand Identity Development
2. Craft Entrepreneurship
3. Costing & Pricing
4. Inventory Management
5. Use of Digital Technology Tools for greater Market Reach
6. IPR in Crafts including GI Registration

The CMP will focus on bringing a business approach to craft related activities in the rapidly altering social, cultural and economic climate. Importantly, it will familiarise the participants with essential tools and strategies to leverage new opportunities that the globalising markets are ushering in.
Experts from the realms of Design, Craft, Marketing & Management, Intellectual Property Rights and the likes would be involved in giving inputs in the CMP.

Each of the above stated domains would be offered as an individual programme of 3 - 5 days’ duration with an enrollment capacity of 25-30 participants. NID would be happy to offer tailor-made programmes under any of the indicated domains to suit specific requirements of a craft organization/cluster.

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