Mãdhyam, the event is conceived to celebrate the expression of art, craft and design articulated through the mediums of ceramic and glass. “Mãdhyam” or medium as it translates in english, aims to provide a platform to the designers, crafts’ community and artists to share their learning and experiences through their creations, discourses and demonstrations.
18 FEBRUARY 2019 - 08 MARCH 2019

The three exhibitions will be showcasing the work of Ceramic and Glass, NID and its allied with a focus on the design perspective, its inspirations, challenges and its contribution to the real world to date.The classic collection, the traditional Indian terracotta and collections developed by the young designers.

18 - 19 FEBRUARY 2019

Under the domain of design, Ceramic and Glass mediums have factored in to be means of expression, means to resolve user’s problems, means of livelihood means to innovate, means to move towards a sustainable environment and much more. The symposium set on the eve of the exhibition, 50 years of Ceramic and Glass discipline at NID, is to reflect into the past, in context to it assess the present to guide and set the tone for the future.

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18 - 23 FEBRUARY 2019

With the primary focus on ‘learning by doing’, our master classes are centered to sensitise and create a deeper understanding of materials through a hands-on approach. Spread over five days the workshops will address the range of processes aligned with both, Ceramic and Glass materials. Through these intensive sessions and interaction with the masters, the participant will develop a deeper understanding of not just the characteristics and behaviour of these two mediums but also get a critical view into their application for the real world.

Glass Bead and Bangle making, through furnace method by Purdilnagar Artisans

Experiments with Glazes by Gary Hambelton and Japneet Keith

Kiln building and firing techniques by Kaveri Bharath

Print on Clay by Sushma Anand


Use of glass enhances wellbeing of a living space. It further adds immense functional value as well as raises the perception of a particular space. Imagine and Design,
1. FUTURE Residential space (any one from among, Bathroom or Kitchen or Bed Room)
2. FUTURE Retail space,
The concepts should critically highlight the role and properties of Saint-Gobain’s Glass Range used in chosen space.
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