Innovation Centre for Natural Fibre


India is endowed with a vast natural fibres resource. It is the largest producer of Cotton and Jute in the world. It is also the world's largest producer of Banana. However except cotton, wool, silk and jute they have not been fully commercially exploited. Fibres in their natural forms do not create wealth. Science, technology and design are critical to innovation and value addition in natural fibres.


NID has already undertaken significant work in education, research and practice, on design interventions using various types of natural fibres. Recently, it has set up an Innovation Centre for Natural Fibre (ICNF) with a focus on capacity building in natural fibres development and utilization through innovation in design, engineering and technology. The centre has prioritized some natural fibres of national importance such as Banana, Bamboo, Coir, Hemp, Jute and Water Hyacinth for exploration.

In this pursuit, it is networking with institutions within India and abroad, to find appropriate and sustainable designs applications using these fibres as a primary material. Also, significant benefits to the local and national economy can be attained with a focused programme that can leverage design and technology for sustainable livelihoods, as well as create cutting edge solutions for tomorrow's market.