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Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), was founded in late 2019, with an aim to support, promote and facilitate an academic ambience for sharing thoughts and innovations in Design. It functions under the office of Activity Chairperson Education and it operates across the three NID campuses- Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Gandhinagar. At CTL in NID Ahmedabad, efforts are made to create an institutional culture focused on “learning” by facilitating a space for discussions on design pedagogy.

Since the design community is a highly vibrant community, the faculty members can share, reflect on and research vis a vis teaching- learning methods. While most of the NID pedagogy stems from the principle of “learning by doing” of progressive pedagogy; over the years, faculty colleagues have evolved their own variations of the same. CTL facilitates sharing and enhancement of learning methods. The work is based on current research and best practices for effective teaching and learning in the domain of Design. CTL facilitates under three distinct verticals of explore, reflect-share- critique and connect. With this line of thinking, CTL holds lectures, workshops and trainings for faculty colleagues to inform them vis a vis new research in the domain of design pedagogy, cognition, learnability etc.

It encourages in-house faculty to reflect on their teaching methods and share thoughts through critical analysis and various means of interaction. CTL also aids in coming together of cross disciplinary faculty across three NID campuses to share, discuss and reflect on their teaching, by facilitating formation of FLGs/SIGs- Faculty Learning Groups/ Subject Interest Groups.

@ Connect, CTL aims to partner with departments within the three NID campuses, alternative education hubs & think tanks, with international MoU partners; to share, learn & contribute towards a robust “design learning and teaching culture”. CTL facilitates formation of COPs- Communities of Practice, across the International MoU partners. COPs are a group of people who come together to share ideas or concerns and determine solutions.


Centre for Teaching and Learning
Email: teachinglearning[at]nid[dot]edu
Phone: +91 79 26629 500

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