Exhibition design is the culmination of various disciplines that transcend and overlap. The ‘Exhib Studio’ provides a base for this process. A shared space with private areas of work, supported with an experimental laboratory providing essential requirements for co-working and co-creating. The course structure caters to the present-day situations of approaching design in a holistic manner and focuses on creating functional spaces and experiences around the participant’s lives generating noteworthy responses by intriguing them.

Considering the environment in which one works impacts their emotional state. The students develop a sense of belonging with the space. Parallel to the essentials of the curriculum the studio functions through three essential layers: Adjacent, Subsequent and Superficial. The adjacent layer is space in which one constructs the consequent two. The sensory recognition of this immediate layer can determine as to how one perceives the subsequent layer which is physical and open to interpretation but can be explained and comprehended by another individual. The third layer could be more of a superficial composition which is an after effect of adjacent and is on the psychological side. The premises create a greater impact on the students on primary level when in comparison to the entire psychological experience. As a result, this ‘Exhib Lab’ functions as a ‘Think Bank’. They include spaces for the VF and TA alongside providing the ability to conduct explorations with new media and interactive technology. The transition of ideas from the creator’s perspective to thought process to implementation through a rigorous graph of finding the median between theory and state of the art technology is encompassed in the space. The lab is well equipped with projectors as well as 65" mobile TV screens for conducting presentations and flexible for student use.

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Mr. Dipak Patel