Weaving labs is an integral part of textile design discipline which falls under the Textile, Apparel & Lifestyle Accessory Design Faculty at NID. The Lab at NID has both the most advanced and indigenous technologies available. It facilitates students to experiment and explore vivid techniques, methods and materials. 

The objective of this lab is to provide students with technical and practical knowledge about the fundamentals of weaving as well as advanced weaving techniques and structures. These rigorous modules follow the ‘learning by doing’ model. The weaving lab becomes an indispensable resource to disseminate this exhaustive knowledge of weaving, through handling of the material, and preparatory process for weaving. 

The weaving labs at NID aims to widen the creative horizons of the students and sensitise them towards the concerns of the traditional handloom industry, sustainable practices, environmental issues, and users with an in depth understanding of traditional as well as modern production methods. It involves an understanding of the traditional culture, value and as well as advancement in modern technologies with commercial viability of design.

The weaving lab has more than fifty handlooms which include AVM loom, ARM loom, table loom, dobby loom, jacquard loom and leno loom. Weaving lab has traditional as well as the most advanced loom which enables sampling and production much easier and faster. 

Weaving lab has a rich yarn library which includes a wide range of natural and manmade yarn. Students are allowed to set their customize loom depending upon their concept, design, material and colour. 

The labs are managed by skilled traditional hand loom weavers who help the student to learn the skills, technique, handling of the material and weaving etc. They also encourage students to make prototypes on an actual scale and develop them to be used physically.

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Mr. Aalok Joshi