Ravi Paritosh

Ravi Paritosh


Discipline Faculty, Digital Game Design

Ravi is a faculty of Digital Game Design. He is an alumnus of NID, Ahmedabad where he graduated in Film and Video Communication Design in 2006. In 16 years of practice, he has worked across multiple domains - Storytelling, Branding and Communication Design, Design Research and Design Education. Alongside his practice, Ravi started teaching design at Srishti Institute of Design, Art and Technology in 2016 where he was also the course lead of the graduate programme in Strategy Design and Brand leadership where he facilitated learning units, conducted workshops and mentored post-graduate students on their thesis projects. His strength as an educator is the range of courses he has taught - Visual Design, Visual Storytelling, Illustration, Image Making, Design Research, Strategy, Design Thinking, and Cultural Semiotics.

Ravi is an early entrepreneur. He established his practice and consulted with various organisations like ITC Foods, Colgate Palmolive, Castrol, Tata Motors, ITC Personal Care, Himalaya and various research organisations. This phase not only allowed him to work with prominent brands but also deeply engage in various research methods, understand consumer needs, product innovation, and decode semiotic codes and cultural trends. His domain understanding spans the Automotive, Aviation, Education, Food, Technology, Personal care, Games and Travel sectors.

He has also worked with various social enterprises like The EkStep Foundation, Societal Thinking, and Nilekani Philanthropies which allowed him to immerse himself in the sphere of social causes, understand social and policy hurdles, and what can create impactful communication solutions. 

Ravis passion is storytelling. He actively engages with storytelling across various mediums via films, graphic novels and games. He firmly believes that the stories are medium agnostic and are all-pervasive. Currently, to further his interest he is pursuing his Doctoral research with the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad where he is exploring Narratives in Game Design, the influence of technology on narratives and the discourse between narratology and ludology. He actively brings his researched, theorised knowledge to the discipline of Game design at NID.