The Toy and Game Design discipline at NID aims to work with the idea of ‘play’ and develop a ‘play-centric’ approach to address the growing needs, issues and opportunities for innovation in the field of education, entertainment and human development. Its trans-disciplinary nature, integrating a body of knowledge within and outside of design, creates a space to develop design interventions with a playful twist.

With changing notions about ‘play’, toys, games and ‘gamification’ are finding a place in various sectors like education, design-thinking, technology, corporates, healthcare and crafts. The discipline promotes a project-based pedagogy that encourages students to work on projects of their choice. These projects range from digital and board games, toys, play-spaces, educational play material and interactive experiences to sports equipment and design for current and future scenarios and integrate creative ideas with practical know-how in order to ensure innovative and meaningful outcomes.

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The M. Des programme in “Toy and Game Design” at the National Institute of Design aims to develop a professional and creative approach to the growing needs and aspirations in the field of education and entertainment.