Neelima Hasija

Neelima Hasija


Principal Designer

Activity Vice-Chairperson, Strategy and Planning

Discipline Faculty, Ceramic & Glass Design

At NID, Neelima Hasija teaches various courses related to fundamentals of design, with special reference to ceramic and glass materials. Having graduated in Fine Arts from M.S. University, Vadodara in 1995, Neelima enrolled into the Advanced Entry Programme at NID and
specialised in Ceramic Design. She has 13 years of work experience and joined the institute as a teacher in 2002. She has been instrumental in shaping and intensifying glass-related inputs in the department. Her varied interests include traditional crafts and culture, craft research and design, design for development, and material and culture. She has been a member of the Education Panel, Co-chair, Advisory committee, NIDUS (the shop on the NID campus that is run by the NID employee committee), Admission Panel member,
and member of Curriculum Review Committee 2003. With co-faculty, Shilpa Das, she organised a national seminar, Indian Crafts: The Future in a Globalizing World at NID in 2005.

Neelima has conducted several projects and workshops for artisans all over India. These have deepened her understanding at many levels and have sensitised her to the concerns of material and form and the wider socioeconomic and sustainability-oriented issues of crafts.
She has, thereby, gradually expanded the scope for the systems’ project to cover more small and medium-scale industries. In 2010, she organised Integrated Design Development Training/Workshop for Backward Class Craftspersons of Pottery and Terracotta Craft. In 2009,
she spearheaded the research team for documentation of Molela Votive Terracotta in Rajasthan to present it as Intangible Cultural Heritage to UNESCO. Earlier, she had conducted projects with terracotta artisans in Bankura, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.
Since the last two years, Neelima has been a Principal Investigator for the Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology’s projects.