The Design for Retail Experience discipline commenced in 2007 in response to the booming retail industry in India at the time. Since its inception, the advent of technology and online retail has drastically changed people’s mindset towards shopping. The ability to shop ‘anywhere, anytime’ has created new challenges for retail design.

In response, the discipline provides students with an understanding of a wide array of activities such as market/product research, consumer behaviour, systems thinking and experiential design; woven around products/services, communication and branding, packaging, visual merchandising, furniture and fixtures, spatial design and brand management. Students are encouraged to study various formats of retail, spanning e-commerce start-ups to multinational ‘brick and mortar’ stores. Students are exposed to the latest global technology and new-age interactive design to make them proficient in the retail design sector.

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This programme has been developed to build aesthetic sensibility and design competence as well as knowledge of the professional aspects of conception and presentation, managerial skills and provision of requisite skills to put various design ideas systematically into practice.