Photography is undergoing an extraordinary transition in terms of technology, subject matter, accessibility, consumption and industrial practices. The Photography Design discipline focuses on making students understand these dynamics and helps them make informed choices based on their learning. The discipline encourages students to develop interdisciplinary approaches and discount genre-specific formulaic methodologies. The pedagogical structure relies heavily on a thorough understanding of processes, practices, emerging technologies, sociology, politics and visual culture.

The discipline emphasises on the contextual and research-based understanding of the subject matter and a balance of rational and intuitive processes. It further aspires to unravel, articulate and consolidate historic and contemporary visual trajectories inherent to the Indian subcontinent.  It also offers students opportunities to engage with its several international partners in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Employment opportunities for graduates range from freelance and employed photographers, photo editors and media professionals to critics, writers, curators, academics and researchers.

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