User Centered Design Lab (UCDL) is a space for someone or something that doesn't fit within traditional academic disciplines. It’s a field of study whichhas its own frameworks, and methods. 

Play is extremely important for creative learning. Pressure and rewards can often diminish play and tinkering, and thus, squash creative thinking. It’s also important to have fun while tinkering and the aim at the UCDL is to create a space and atmosphere where people are encouraged to think and try unconventional methods.

Approaching real world wicked problems from a specialized discipline perspective ends up causing more damage. These problems require everyone to work coherently involving many disciplines, perspectives. It’s imperative for all the disciplines to collectively look at the bigger picture and vision. Theaim is to build mock-up models, simulate scenarios, co-create along with people and deploy contextual interventions.

At UCDL, the aim is to explore design and creativity by thinking outside the box and use the various open source platformsand share with the world, so that they can tweak, remix and add. The iterative cycle of exploring, re-learning and re-making in a collective manner forms the core. Come and co-create with us.

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Mr. Sahil Thappa