The Lifestyle Accessory Design department is dedicated to encouraging students to explore design through research and practices in contemporary context. The department is facilitated with a well-lit design studio/multipurpose classroom with flexible studio times, to give freedom to our students to nurture their creativity and honing their core skills. The barrier-free studios, flexible seating arrangements are also to encourage mutual learning within the department and inter-disciplinary areas at NID. Students are encouraged to use the visualization lab with the latest software and computer facilities.

The department is equipped with cutting edge design development/support facilities with traditional and advanced labs and workshops for education, research, and consultancy services. The students are encouraged to use tools ranging from traditional to power hand tools to explore with all different kinds of conventional and unconventional material. The workshop has facilities to work with all kinds of materials such as metal, stone, bamboo, leather, fabric, wood, etc. A dedicated “Leather Design Lab” and “Fine Metalsmithing lab” equipped with the latest type of machinery for concept ideations, and prototyping. The highly trained dedicated technical staff are always ready to share their rich experience and knowledge with our students with utmost care.

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Ms. Rajeshree Chauhan