The dyeing and screen-printing studio is part of the textile design studios and labs. The studio acts as both explorative studio and experimental lab. The students work here and learn dyeing and printing with both synthetic and natural dyes. For the faculty, the studios act like a lab and miniature industry where the ideas could be experimented and explored. The studio also offers workshops on natural dyes, screen printing to different sectors.

This lab is actively involved in studying and experimenting with natural dyes and their range of applications in different fields. The studio especially works on Indigo dye and its whole cycle from farm to society.

The lab is equipped with tools, equipment and systems that help both students and faculty to work with different materials for different purposes such as colouring, and exploring dyeing techniques such as Shibori, Bandhani. It also takes up both research as well as professional projects on specific requests or as and when needed.

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