Andrea Maria Sonalie Noronha

Andrea Maria Sonalie Noronha


Co-Head, Centre for Bamboo Initiatives

Lead, Design Foundation Studies

Faculty, Design Foundation Studies

Andrea Noronha is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design where she completed the PGDPD program in Furniture and Interior Design, Industrial Design. She holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from the Goa College of Architecture and completed a strategic design management program - DIMI from Polidesign, Politecnico di Milano.

She teaches geometry & structure, form, analytical drawing, environmental perception, visual narratives, design process and design studio projects. Her interests include crafts, form studies, workspace design, and learning spaces. Andrea has worked on bamboo products for Tripura Bamboo Mission as a part of her diploma project at NID, Since then she has developed an interest in working with craft communities while inquiring into the future of craft production.

Over the last decade Andrea has been working with Ether Design on space design and furniture design projects for the furniture and automobile manufacturing sectors. She has also participated in a design residency with Paredes polo do design mobiliario, in Portugal to build a furniture range in solid wood for production with furniture producer Zagas. She has also participated in international workshops - Expo cluster workshop 2012 at Milan and the IDA young designers workshop in Taiwan. Her work has been displayed at exhibitions in India, Italy, Portugal, Taiwan & China.

Andrea is currently pursuing her doctoral studies at NID Ahmedabad.