Anju Pawar

Anju Pawar


Discipline Lead, Ceramic & Glass Design

Discipline Faculty, Ceramic & Glass Design

Anju Pawar Graduated in Sculpture from Fine Arts M.S.University of  Baroda in 1993 and joined Industrial Ceramic Design in Advance Entry Programme (AEP) at NID Ahmedabad, specialising in Ceramic Design. Her initial training in Ceramics during graduation time at MSU was under Ms Jyotshna Bhatt, a well-known ceramic artist.

Her cumulative experience of working is more than 20 years as Practicing Designer/ Artist and design educator. She worked on various commissioned projects in the area of handmade ceramics. Her Studio was situated in a rural area of Baroda,  she could contribute to rural development through teaching and training a local women in area of handcrafted ceramics; whereby she have developed a range of handmade ceramics products. Initially designed by her and produced by the local women. She worked with Architects and Interior designers with their ceramic projects for Interior space. She was part of various group shows and solo shows nationally & participated in various workshops too. She loves to explore with the material and develop new materials for the desire results for that she has developed a range of clay bodies and various types of glazes for earthenware, stoneware, ash glaze & Raku glazes.

Her series of works are inspired by Nature and this has been the Centre of her works. She always have been exploring many forms of nature in her various creations. Her love for nature has always inspired her to work on natural forms. Simplicity is the key of her creations, as it is most appealing to the eye and to anyone.