Farhan Ibnee Abid

Farhan Ibnee Abid


Discipline Faculty, Design for Retail Experience

A strong believer of design being the greatest tool to make a positive change. Hence Designers are a bundle of greater energy and higher purpose. Farhan has an educational qualification of Bachelors in Architecture from Nagpur University and Masters in Design, DRE (Design for Retail Experience) from NID.

He has worked as a Design consultant at Idiom Design Consultancy, briefly in Conceptual Design Thinking, developing process of design development, brand understanding, and experience design. He was an Executive Visual Merchandiser for Titan’s Jewelry division Tanishq, Mia and Zoya. He has worked intensively for Zoya, VM, Store Design, Events and redefining the brand for the upcoming store creating visual language.

Later he was an Associate Designer for Space Matrix Interior Design specifically for corporate office interiors. He has worked in depth with his clients, H&M, Myntra, Stride, Livevox, Sequoia to name a few. Holding over all experience of 4.5 years he has joined NID Bangalore as an Associate Faculty (2021). Apart from this he holds interest in performing art and Indian wear.